-   T r a d i t i o n a l    a n d    c u r r e n t    e v e n t s    o n  M a d e i r a   -


Carnival Festivities

3rd to 10th February – Entertainment in downtown Funchal
6th February– Great Allegoric Carnival Parade
9th February - Slapstick Parade

Madeira Flower Festival

7th to 13th April – Entertainment in downtown Funchal
9th April - The Wall of Hope Ceremony
10th April - Great Allegoric Flower Parade 

          Atlantic Festival

         Every saturday of June – Music and Fireworks Display

  XXIX Classic Car Rally

  4th to 6th August

International Madeira Wine Rally

4th to 6th August

Madeira Wine Festival

28th August to 4th September – Entertainment in downtown Funchal

3rd September - Live Harvest in Estreito de Câmara de Lobos.

Columbus Festival - Porto Santo Island

15th to 17th September 

Madeira Nature Festival

3rd to 9th October

End of the Year Madeira Festivities 

1st December - Beginning of the Illuminations in Downtown Funchal
8th December to 6th January - General Illumination of Funchal Amphitheatre
9th December to 6th January – Christmas Decorations and Exhibitions in downtown        

31st December – New Year’s Eve Firework Display