Do you have a house for investment? Would you like to have someone you can trust to deal with the management of your property? Or do you just travel a lot and need someone to take care of your property in your absence? If you want to return from holidays and continue to see your property with arranged gardens, clean swimming pool, good interior maintenance and security, please contact us.  


     We will be in charge of the accounting management of the property, but you will be informed about every step, so there are no delays or outages in any services.


     While you are away, we visit your property every week in order to perform a general inspection to avoid any possible damage or problem and verify the security of doors and windows. If there is any situation that has to be analyzed, you will immediately be informed.


     We deal with all the bureaucracy related with the purchase and rental of your property. We have specialized people in this field that can make the whole process simpler for your own comfort.


     If needed, we can provide swimming pool maintenance service, which includes all the necessary procedures (filters, wipes, chemicals...) so that it stays in fantastic conditions all year round.


     We will be in charge of all the maintenance work. If you have blinds/curtains to install, locks to replace, lightbulbs to change, paintings to hang, etc. All these tasks will be under our responsibility, as we have specialized personnel to intervene in these situations.